Demystifying Trimbakeshwar Narayan bali (Pitru Shaap / Pitru Dosha) Nag bali, Tripindi Shradha and kalasarpa shanti

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Demystifying Trimbakeshwar Narayan bali (Pitru Shaap / Pitru Dosha) Nag bali, Tripindi Shradha and kalasarpa shanti

The holi city of Trimbak is home to Trimbaskeshwar Mahadev temple. Its also spelt as Trambakeshwar

People from all over India come for Mahakumba mela every 12 years plus its part of the 12 Jyotirlinga.

But people from all over Maharashtra come for Narayan bali (Pitru Shaap / Pitru Dosha) Nag bali, Tripindi Shradha and Kalasarpa Shanti.

People have these 4 dosh in their horoscope and get gitters to come to Nashik for 3 days to clear it.

Travel from Mumbai to Nashik is nice taking the eastern express highway passing Thane. I have not traveled on this road but ones who have say its wide and fast.

I traveled from Sinhagad rd Pune to Trimbak Nashik by car. Google map shows as 225kms and 4 1/2 hours but road is narrow 2 lanes with slow trucks, motorbikes and 3 wheelers which makes it frustrating slow and clocked it in 8 hours. Return trip was in 7 1/2 hours with 2 breaks every 3 hours since children puked multiple times. car trip meter shows exact 500kms return trip with no diversions and car parked on the spot for 3 days with no movement.

From Nashik its 30 kms of back breaking non existing road. New road widening project for the coming Mahakumbh at Trimbak in 2015.

After reaching Trimbak. Was diverted to a parking bay which is over a 1 km walk to the temple. If you are planning for vidhi’s then request the traffic police officer they will let you in but don’t buy the parking ticket at the first point.

Basic veg food nothing to state about everything is without onion and garlic even in the food stalls in the temple vicinity usually the guruji make arrangements in the dharmashala who have the special non onion and non garlic required for 3 days.

cabbage / brinjal / potato / capsicum dry veg
mix pulses wet veg
chapati / dal and rice

Rs 60 per person for unlimited thali and allow children to share the thali

Do try the pav patice. Its unique to this place where a bakery pav is dipped in batter and fried. Tasty and allowed during the ritual days.

The guruji makes the arrangements for stay inclusive in his fees extra room at Rs. 300 per night and extra bedding Rs. 100 per night. BUT with cold water. We were 4 adults and 3 kids so the overall bill was Rs. 2000 extra.

The guruji recommends coming 1 day in advance so that day is not counted for the inclusive dinner.

2 star hotel without a/c 1000 and with a/c 1600 checkout time of 2pm they do have hot water and place slight better than the old town but the old town has its advantages which will be listed down below.

This article has been exclusively written by Dharmanath Fatarpekar for if you find it being copied by someone had posted somewhere do intimate me since I have not given anyone permission to do so send email to dharmanath at gmail .com.

Health /Hygiene

  • There is an uncanny smell of raw sewage across the Trimbak old town because of bad drainage planning and execution.
  • Three of my family members got skin rashes due to bathing in Kushavarta Kund which smells like raw sewage, murky green in color BUT on needs to bath in it for the rituals. The water treatment system is switched off by the management.
  • Women folk need to do a dress change after the bath to white clothes. One change room behind the Kushavarta Kund is LOCKED while other one on 1st floor is dirty. women folk at this modern age have to go top nude to change clothes in the back lane while men pass by since its a short cut. so If you are going the Narayan bali (Pitru Shaap / Pitru Dosha) Nag bali Tripindi Shradha remember to chose a guruji who lives behind Kushavarta Kund so women can go to the guruji’s house to change. Checkout Bhujang and Lohegonkar guruji who are the closest.
  • Staying in the old town no hot water. staying outside in 2 star hotels yes but then the guruji will be far away and would need a lot of walking every day. So people with arthritis if you have a wheel chair do bring it.

Clothes for Vidhi
The guruji usually recommends buying clothes and coming to Trimbak. After just 3 wears of 1 1/2 hours each need to throw them off.

We bought 3000 bucks worth of white clothes and found clothes available for just 800 bucks. Ladies who will wear white saree only bring in a new white blouse form your home rest of all family members buy ever thing from local Kushavarta Kund stalls.

  • Daughters kurta pajama Pune : Rs.600  -> Trimbak : Rs.180
  • Uparna Pune : Rs.180 -> Trimbak : Rs.20
  • Dhoti : Pune  : Rs.190  -> Trimbak :   Rs.120
  • Plain white saree : Impossible in Pune so bought a white with red border saree (not acceptd for the ritual) Rs.300 ->  Trimbak :  Rs.120 !!!
  • saree peticoat Pune : Rs.120  -> Trimbak : Rs.50
  • white blouse Pune : Rs.130 -> Trimbak : Rs. 50 (ready sticked blouse available but of not good quality)
  • My 4 years old son Harsh Fatarpekar’s white dress Pune : Rs.375 -> Trimbak   Rs.60

the list goes on and on.

People tend to buy the ready stitched dhoti but learned to wear it on the spot and its not difficult at all. Rather managed it in first rry and helped others who came for the puja to wear it correct.y

After 3 days you need to discard them and given it to the guruji before heading home. for those 3 days they need to be washed and dried to be use again do do carry a bar or Rin.

important thing as all external clothes are required to be full white with out color nor colored borders but under garment can be of any color except black or green.

In case of clothes stitching giving way you can get it restitched from road side tailor’s near the large peepal tree who are there from 10am to 8pm. If if you realize some stitching has gone lose get it fixed before 5pm same day and cost just 10 bucks.

Gold snake for the pooja
The guruji will insist you need to bring in a GOLD nag. Which in most places will cost ahyvwhere from Rs.1700 to Rs.3000 bucks. BUT the jewelers in Trimbak have them starting from just Rs. 380!!!

but it tt needs to be donated after vidhi. Silver nag is not acceptable.

The specific pooja is for some 2000 bucks if bifurcated but for that spending 2000 bucks extra for the nag which is to be donated to the guruji is a but unnerving.

Travelling withing Trimbak
Most of the dharmashalas are located within walking distance from the main Trimbakeshwar temple. The 2 star hotel is bang 200 steps from the temple. So staying anywhere you need to do a lot of walking at least 600 to 800 walking steps each way. The center being the Kushavarta Kund where you need to bathe first then perform pooja and then bathe again it it before returning to room for a proper bath.

Auto Rickshaws don’t travel by meter. They charge Rs. 40 for each destination even though its just 500 meters away from outskirts of the old town. Walking is the shortest distance. If you have people with arthritis and have a spare wheel chair do bring it so your journey is reduced.

Kushavarta Kund to Trimbakeshwar temple is the main street. All other streets converge in to them like fish bones. Its reserved only for walking and VIP traffic escorted by police jeeps.

Do remember during the rituals bring your extra pair of low cost / used chappals. The ground is scorching hot and burns the feet.

IF you are traveling by car either come before 8am (which means staying at Nashik) or after 8pm (if starting from Mumbai or Pune) or 1 pm when the traffic police officers are off duty. Or you will have to do a lot of requesting. Once the car is in just park and lock it don’t take it out for 3 days since parking is not easy to find. The traffic cops are cooperative. IF you say a name of any of the guruji )find it on google) they will allow your car in.

never leave your footwear unattended chances of being stolen within minutes is of very high probability. may be buy pooja items from a shop and ask them to keep it or keep it in the shoe stand near the temple.

  • The pooja items shops on the footpath usually stock fake items but buy from shops only.
  • Don’t fall for friendly people who will take you to shops to purchase items like original rudrakhsa because they would have their commission built in the price.

There are literally 100 guruji shops around the temple offering the 4 pooja’s all with centuries of background. You can just walk in 1 day in advance and scout for a deal on the pooja. Bhujang and Lohagaonkar live bang behind Kushavarta Kund so helps ladies change clothes in privacy.

Narayan bali (Pitru Shaap / Pitru Dosha) Nag bali and Tripindi Shradha -> husband wife -> 8000
if 2 brothers performing at once it will be 2 pooja’s -> Rs. 16000 both have to bring in Gold nag.

The guruji’s perform the pooja like a chemistry lab class. he sits at one end and 6 to 10 and even 15 couples sit in front of him in rows and performs the pooja’s. Each person pays separately Rs.2000 per pooja. Rs.20,000 within 2 hours and no questions asked. Some guruji’s club their clients with other guruji’s so they save on time and money for themselves.

upselling by the guruji’s : When you commit for the 2 rituals. of Narayan bali (Pitru Shaap / Pitru Dosha) Nag bali and Tripindi shraddha you are quotes Rs. 8000 when you go there and whow your patrika they will try and upsell you Kalasarpa Shanti pooja which is additional Rs.2250. Don’t fall for it unless you have been advised to do so by your astrologer.

Second upsell : After each pooja the the guruji will ask if you want to take a Sankalp (commitment) of another pooja within 5 years. Don’t give any sankalp unless your family astrologer advised to do so. They will warn you if you take a sankalp you need to reperform pooja within next 5 years.


  • Day 0 : come to Trimbak 1 day in advance of the pooja. Dharmala’s don’t follow any checking time so anytime is good. but the 2 star hotel has 2pm checking. Visit the Trimbakeshwar temple immediately because you might have world of time in next few days but you cannot visit any temple. Buy all the clothes required from stalls next to Kushavarta Kund.
  •  Day 1 : 7:30am initiation pooja at Kushavarta Kund. If father is not alive should shave his head. Take a bath in the tank and change to white clothes (purchase of clothes can be done on the spot too)

9:00am Goto towards the shivaji statue and to the pooja complex
12:00noon the vidhi is over. Do get a family member to carry chappals because the baking hot ground burns the feet.
12:30 goback to Kushavarta Kund and take a dip. then proceed to dharmashala and retire for the day. The clothes used in pooja need to be washed and dried since they are needed next day morning. You cannot visit ant temple nor eat street food nor sweets.

  • Day 2 : 7:30 dip in the Kushavarta Kund and goto the pooja complex for Nnagbali pooja which gets over by 11:30 (pooja i of just 1 hour but other things like preparations by guruji take time) goto Kushavarta Kund and take a dip and go to dharmashala.  You cannot visit ant temple nor eat street food nor sweets.
  •  Day 3 : 7:00 take a dip in Kushavarta Kund, change to white clothes and with guruji take a shortcut to the temple without standing in the long queue. goto the designated place where the Tripibdi Shradha is to be performed which is over by 9am. take a final dip in Kushavarta Kund and go back to dharmashala bath and pack the white clothes and drop them to guruji house. take the gold nag and the the dakshina to guruji house for punya ujan / ganesh pujan. you are free by 12noon.

Take the final meal and head straight home you are not allowed to take a detour to any temple or friend’s place on way.

for next 40 days you cannot consume any ritual food outside your house.

Rudrakha /pooja items
Coming to Trimbak and not buying Rudraksha sounds silly.

street vendors sell fake so avoid them completely.

BUT its overly expensive in the shops. So found a whole seller who sells to local shops slightly hidden in the bylane.

From Trimbakeshwar temple -> shivaji statue -> ICICI Bank -> Tilak statue -> next to it is a wholesale shop.

7 mukhi rudraksha for Rs.150 sold outside for Rs.300.

Here the rudraksha are kept in coconut oil to give them a gloss and buying from the above mentioned shop will give you original only. The shop is packed and no place to stand so do go there with a wish list what you need to buy. Guy is probabily from Haridwar since all material seems sourced from there.