I let go and enjoyed my time in my village Fatorpa in South Goa.

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For decade I was always in a hurry to do things. Whether its travel or work and 2 days were always planned in advance.

Till I reached my 40th birthday and decided to pursue my long awaited hobby and started learning a DSLR camera.

Over a year took a good time out to learn it and train myself with the help of my friends.

It took a cautions and calculated approach of looking as if through the camera lens. direction of light, quality of light, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, composition, percentage of primary and secondary color percentage, background cutter, geometry, lens flair and a lot more.

Its a habit professional photographers develop painstakingly till its automatic as driving a car.

But this time decided to let go. Whether is my Trimbak trip or my Goa Trip last weekend.

I am Dharmanath Fatarpekar and belong to a small village called Fatorpa in South Goa. This time decided to go without my DSLR.

The moment cane when I reached the huge temple pond. 3 sides stepped once side wide open to lush green paddy fields and a Hanuman temple behind. Instinctively reached my hands.

Tadaaaa…no DSLR in hand. No point and shoot nor my camera cell phone in my pocket. So instead of usual jogging of my brain with the calculations I let go and narrated to my wife my memories of the place 30 years back with my friends who used to play in the pond, collect mangoes, steal cashews from gardens where the owners used to shoo us away.

Traced back to places where we would lay traps fish in the adjacent rivulet.

It was the first time I left all my schedules behind, met my old friends and rewarded by Goddess Shantadurga Kunkalikari where the guruji who I know since my childhood let us perform Abhishek entered the temple core after 30-35 years upclose with just 10 feet from the goddess idol.

I don’t think my planned schedule would have helped me achieve what I did after decades.

I enjoyed and hope you too find a timeout, let go and enjoy what you have now…