Sinhagad Fort : Places around Pune

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Sinhagad Fort a.k,a Kondhana Fort is situated about 30 kms sowth west from Pune City.

Please visit the Wikipedia link above to find history of the place because i don’t want to bore you with the mundane things but give you details you wll not find anywhere else.

Getting there :

  • All you need is to hit the Sinhagad road and it goes straight to it.
  • There are 2 ways to go up the fort. Either by motor vehicle or by foot.
  • If going by motor vehicle you need to pay Rs. 20 per passenger and takes straight to the base of the fort.
  • If going by walking / treking the steps start at foot of the hill.
  • You can either travel by your private vehicle directly
  • Or travel by ST bus (from Swargate to Sinhagad Paitha/ Donje/ Panshet). Get down at Donje Phata and take a shared jeep to the base of the fort.
  • Or you can take the ST bus from Swargate for Sinhagad Paitha and get down at the last bus stop to start the steep climb by stairs.
  • If you want a longer route you can go via katraj tunnel on Pune Bangalore road and take a right from Kondhanpur Phata. Its a longer picturesque route but a sure shot route because If police block the entry from Sinhagad Road  This road has no police men (except 26 Jan).

When to go :

  • Go there any time of the day but reach before 3pm.
  • Go any time of the day (9am to 5pm) during monsoon and summer.
  • Best time is 2 week after the 1st rains when it starts getting covered with grass. All the photos are during that period. So you will be saved from disappointment carrying the DSLR.

When Not to go :

  • Avoid long weekends. There is traffic chaos and you need to park 1 km before the fort base.
  • Avoid after 4pm because from 5pm entry is barred completely because its an archeological site
  • Avoid going in winter because winds are chilling cold and the landscape is covered with haze so poor visibility of the features surrounding the fort.
  • When driver or the co-passengers have consumed alcohol.  The policemen and the forest officers will make you turn around from the foot hills.

What to do there ?

  • Its open and has small eateries dotted at the base of the fort near car parking as well as in the top offering zunka bhakri with raw chatani, Onion bhaji, Curd and other.
  • There is a small museum  dedicated to Shivaji Maharaj and the history of the fort closer to entrance.
  • Bunglow of Lokmanya Tilak ( i rubbed my eyes in astonishment on reading the information board.)
  • Temples : 2000 years old Kaundinyeshwar temple, a shiva temple and a kali mata temple
  • Caves :  for water storage and horse stable
  • Memorial of Tanaji Malusare and an interesting person who sings the history (available on weekends)
  • Also on weekends there is a tourist guide available to show around the fort.